About us


An independent sustainability consultancy specialist working closely with government and organisations to aim towards a brighter more sustainable future for you and millions of other people around the world.

Sustineri operates as a social enterprise. We strive to implement sustainable development into government and organisations to create a better society for all. We follow the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations, these are a set of seventeen goals that will pave the way towards the 2030 Agenda and carbon reduction pathways leading to 2050.

We want to help create a better place for all by providing services such as research, advise, consultancy, strategic marketing, stakeholder engagement and various training programmes.

We support governments and organisations to be the best versions of themselves, and have the most positive impact on the environment and the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Dr Hushneara Miah

Meet our Founder

Dr Hushneara Miah

Hushneara's deep passion for sustainability is what brought her to launch Sustineri. She has been a force for change in the area of Sustainability and Climate Change. She holds four degrees including a PhD in Climate Change action and Sustainability.

Dr Miah is a thought leader in the area and wishes to see pace on the sustainability journey governments, organisations and individuals are embarking on.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

Robert Swan

Take a look at some clients we've worked with

“Sustainability has been a growing interest for us as a forward-thinking organisation. Sustineri have supported us with research into EDI, carbon reduction and supplier engagement. We have also received carbon literacy training and 1-2-1 leadership advice from the Centre to make sure we as an organisation and as individuals are fit for the future. We would highly recommend the Centre for their bespoke service, which is delivered by a passionate team of highly skilled professionals.”

“We have worked closely with Sustineri on various strategies, reviews and plans. The team have offered valuable insight and vital points of consideration in respect of social value, supply chains, manufacturing in Wales, transport, low carbon and planning Net Zero in Wales.”

“We would highly recommend Sustineri. We commissioned them as part of our Innovative Future Services Programme, which we deliver to public bodies. The Centre prepared and delivered material on sustainable and low carbon procurement, which was relevant to our cohort and gave them a great grounding in how procurement can be used as a strategic tool for decarbonisation.”

The UK’s Innovation Agency for Social Good
a brighter future with sustainable changes to the way organisations operate

Our Core Values

At Sustineri we:

Care and Passionate about what we do

As individuals and as an organisation we genuinely area about the environmental and society we live in. We live and breath sustainability.

Work as one

This means you get a united, joined up approach from us. We work as one internally and with our clients.

Are open and engaged

We understand making and continue your steps within a sustainability journey can be daunting for an organisation or government. We actively and openly listen and engage in a manner to support your ambitions.

Hold Integrity

Responsibility sits at the heart of sustainability and us. Integrity is a cornerstone of sustainability. We work with integrity and willing to walk away from projects that impact our integrity.

We keep our promises

We it consultancy, research or just some advice. We focus on keeping our promise and delivery in a timely fashion.