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Transitioning to a sustainable low carbon economy means a push on greener and renewable energy.

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Driven by governments’ climate commitments and the environmental crisis, advances in clean technology, energy independences, the world is viewing an increasing demand of hydrogen as part of the solution. Within that space, transforming energy services with hydrogen offers a unique opportunity.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It is a key part of the global transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen, by many leaders is now in the area, viewed as the fuel for the future. Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that provides a huge potential to drive our transition to a future of clean energy.

It is a high-density source of energy and is usable as a solid, liquid or gas, making it suitable for a number of sectors. As an adaptable fuel, we see hydrogen playing a large role in decarbonising important and far-reaching areas such as transport, heat infrastructure and energy-intensive industrial processes. It provides an avenue to deliver zero emissions energy.

Who work to enabling our clients to decarbonise and deliver a cleaner, greener future. We work with organisations and governments who want to be part of the solution in the area of energy management. We provide comprehensive and independent guidance on all types of hydrogen projects, trusted by industry leaders and governments and have already helped clients with understanding the current and future market, impacts on cities and countries and emerging hydrogen-based technologies.

Our specialist experts span energy, transport and sustainability, along with a background in engineering and international renowned experience in supporting organisations and governments in the UK and aboard with policy development and strategy.

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Early advice varies according to our clients needs. Early advice can be in the form of reviewing current energy systems and direction for solutions for the future. Early advice can also cover emerging energy policy, support and certification in the area. Our experts are leaders on the engineering; design, development, and deployment across the spectrum of projects in aviation, industrial heat, and mobility.
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Our detailed optioneering service includes in-depth consideration of various alternatives and options to find the best or preferred alternative or option, that best suits your organisations or countries need. Our service can include a coverage of market assessment to enable you and your organisation to understand the developing hydrogen market, emerging technologies and infrastructure and the potential for the future in your sector or sites. This may also include, access to costs and benefits analysis of deploying hydrogen including operational costs, capital investments, fuel supply, use and storage. We regularly undertake feasibility studies and selection of sites.
We offer developed evidence-based engineering policy and technical guidance in the area, as well as policy review, formation and development. This includes discussion with the policy team/policy maker, stakeholder engagement, policy analysis and research.

Interested in our
Hydrogen expertise?

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