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The power of procurement.

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“Up to 80% of carbon emissions can come from our supply chains”

That’s a HUGE figure.

At Sustineri, we work towards your sustainability goals and help to reduce your business or organisation’s carbon impact. Your supply base is a great place to start. We help to weigh up the economic impacts, environmental outcomes, and other negative impacts of your procurement process, and devise a tailored plan that will revolutionise your sustainability practices and give you a competitive edge.

Delivering sustainable outcomes is what we do. Let us engage with key stakeholders in your company and drive continual improvement in sustainability & environmental protection with a structured approach to sustainable practices.

Procurement, purchasing, or maybe you call it buying… we all do it and so do organisations. Governments and organisations spend billions of pounds a year on procurement activity.

The act of procurement in an organisation holds a strategic lever to implement change on a grander scale. Yes, you heard it right! No more looking at the procurement department as a function or the act of procurement as a tick box exercise. The concept of sustainable procurement brings the act of procurement into the sustainability dimension, the idea of procuring sustainably is not only good for the pound but good for people and the environment as a whole.

Not only that, you might find it interesting that up to 80% of carbon emissions sit within our supply chains. Hey, isn’t procurement connected to supplier chains? You got me, this gives procurers the opportunity to strategically use that lever and manage an organisations purchasing habits/requirements which then facilitates demand and supply chain activities.

You can read more on our supply chain expertise here: sustainable supply chain management

On face value, it sounds a lot easier than in actual practice. You may be wondering, how do you implement sustainable procurement? when? why? what if you have implemented sustainable procurement practices and they simply are not working!

Our experienced team are experts, that are leading the field of sustainable procurement and can support your journey. We specialise in all aspects from low carbon procurement, all the way to supplier diversity. We have worked actively with public sector organisations as well as private business looking to change up their approach to procurement.

We can support you from the early steps of implementing sustainable procurement practices, all the way to the reviewing process, and even barriers you may be faced with to support effective implementation and a sustainable future.

Here's how we can help your business

Low Carbon Procurement Expand Collapse
“The process whereby organizations seek to procure goods, services, works and utilities with a reduced carbon footprint throughout their life cycle and/or leading to the reduction of the overall organizational carbon footprint when considering its direct and indirect emissions.” (Correia et al. 2013, p. 61)
Circular Economy Expand Collapse
The circular economy is based on three principles, driven by design; eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials (at their highest value) and regenerate nature. In a circular economy, there is a focus on reducing and removing waste produced in the first place.
Social Procurement Expand Collapse
Social procurement leverage extra social benefits and create 'social value' in local communities, beyond the simple purchasing of products and services required (Bonwick 2014). The area of social procurement covers concepts such as supplier diversity and community benefits.

Interested in our
Sustainable Procurement expertise?

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